the technology community in the area by engaging our local companies and encouraging collaboration to solve problems.


local initiatives to support the demand for resources that don’t otherwise exist in our local area.


local businesses with their technology needs by identifying resources that can help them effectively leverage technology to support their growth.


the local area STEM education by bringing business resources together to assist in the development of our students.


local businesses with local, regional, and national resources to create a community to support the technology growth.


our local students and local businesses to understand simple ways to utilize technology.

A place for the Tech Community

Technology-based businesses and professionals tend to “cluster” geographically to gain additional knowledge, ideas and develop partnerships. The Grand Strand Technology Council provides that nucleus of growing and involved technology professionals and businesses.


To Reach Across The World

The Horry and Georgetown Counties of South Carolina provide a strong infrastructure to support technology-driven businesses combined with a growing economy. Our economy must be able to reach across the world by leveraging our trained technical talent, great cost of living, beautiful climate, and unique local community culture.


It All Started in 2007

Dr. John Sanders founded the Grand Strand Technology Council in 2007. He has been involved and started tech councils since the late 80’s, spanning the regions of Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, and more prominently the Greater Washington DC Technology Council. Included in his efforts of developing a tech presence in Washington DC was his service as the Chairman and CEO of TechNews, Inc. – a newspaper for leaders in the tech industry that was sold to the Washington Post in 1996.

For more than twenty years, Dr. Sanders was an investment banker, specializing in the equity financing of emerging technology corporations. He has been the principal in the initial public offerings of a dozen companies and has served as advisor to numerous other public corporations. More than forty private placements of equity capital have been organized through his efforts, including startup entrepreneurial situations as well as established public entities.

After moving to Myrtle Beach with his wife, Carole, he noticed that the Grand Strand tech industry looked much like the DC area in the early nineties!
This inspired him to start getting involved in the work of catalyzing the growth of a local tech ecosystem.

Knowing from experience that it all starts with the quality education of the school system, he used $5,000 to set up technology fairs in the Horry and Georgetown County Schools – to which he attributes success to the hard work of local educators working from within the schools. Connecting the existing technology companies with one another to share ideas, resources, and knowledge was a following objective. From this activity, programs started to take shape.

Soon after there was a Robotics Support Initiative with over 125 volunteers per year, organized by the Grand Strand Tech Council. There were also local tech industry leaders ready to roll up their sleeves and advance the regional tech landscape, from whom the Startup.SC initiative for entrepreneurial support was founded.